Product Name          : Hydraulic Roll Marking Machine- RH200
 Ref No.                     : RH200
 Product Description : Electrically controlled hydraulic operation with ensured uniform depth.

  Features and Applications


Easy operation
Automatic compensation for variation in workpiece diameters
Rigidly fabricated, reinforced steel frame
Stress relieved
Can mark round workpieces upto 200 mm diameter
Can mark flat workpieces upto 170 mm thickness
Open back permits marking of long bars
Serial numbers can be marked with automatic indexing
Can mark upto 4 lines of 6mm characters or 8 lines of 3mm characters
Ample daylight permits extensive use of fixturing and tooling for almost all shapes and sizes of components
Electronically controlled hydraulic operations
Table presure controls depth of mark: unsuring uniform depth
Die slide moves on hardened plate with rollers for precision and long life
Specially designed cylinder fitted with hardened bearings
Components that can be marked :
Shock Absorbers,
Morter Barrels,
Propellers Shafts,
Rock Drills,
Lock Body,
Railroad Bearings,
    Also available, Special Purpose Machines Wherein
Daylight can be increased to 425 mm
Stroke can be increased 250mm
Marking capacity can be increased to 8 lines of 6 mm characters

Specification :

Marking Capacity 4 lines of 6mm characters, 6lines of 4mm characters, 8 lines of 3 mm characters
Die Slide Stroke 100mm
DayLight 285mm
Throat 90mm
Open Back Permits Marking of Long Bars
Open Distance 180mm Between Up-Rights
Output Upto 600 per hr. depending on Length of Stroke and Shape of Components
Table Size 250 X 200 mm
Table Rise Table Rise
Table Pressure 1T to 4T
Floor Area 2000mm x 2000mm
Height 1500 mm
Net Weight 850mm
Motor 3HP, 1500rpm, 440V, 3-Phase, 50 Cycles
Pump 10 Litres/Min
Hydraulic Tank 75 Litres