Product Name          : Handheld Punches
 Ref No.                     : HHP
 Product Description :
High quality Punches for deep, clear and legible Marking. These Punches are specially heat treated for Safety and long life. Choose from a variety of Fonts and sizes suitable for your application

  Features & Applications


Ensures deep, clear and legible stamped impressions
Safeguards agsinat mushrooming, chipping and splitting
Manufactured from high quality, heat treated tool steel
Finely balanced with liberal, overall shank size
Character faces combine high degree of hardness and toughness for exceptionally long life.
Scientific Heat treatment ensures shank will not bend, head will not split and face will remain sharp & clear
Available as ALPHA (A to Z) and NUMBER (0 to 9) sets in sizes from 1.6 to 10 mm.
Batch number marking
Serial number marking
Product code marking
Product identification and traceability

Sizes and Ordering codes :

Character Size
ALPHA set (A to Z)
NUMBER set (0 to 9)
1.6 26HHP062 9HHP062
2.0 26HHP020 9HHP020
3.0 26HHP030 9HHP030
4.0 26HHP040 9HHP040
5.0 26HHP050 9HHP050
6.0 26HHP060 9HHP060
8.0 26HHP080 9HHP080
10.0 26HHP100 9HHP100
Other sizes inquire with Rev inquire with Rev
      *ALPHA set consists of 26 Punches from A to Z
      *NUMBER set consists of 9 punches from 0 to 8 (number 6 is interchangeably used for 9)
      *Due to Rev's policy of continuous product improvement, Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact your nearest Rev Sales representative or authorised Affiliate for information on specific configuration and options.
      *ALSO ON ORDER: Special calligraphy, Dotted stamps to reduce stress concentration, Reverse alphas & numbers for forging and die casting dies and for rubber moulds, Convex/Concave faces, Butt-welded stamps:for marking red-hot(upto 1000 C) railway axles, steel billets, etc.