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 Product Name          : Numerator-Automatic
 Ref No.                     : Numerator-Automatic
 Product Description :
Automatic Rotary Numerator with 6 wheels, with a special design to ensure that figures advance one-at-a-time accurately and automatically

Consecutive serial numbers can be marked on metal parts in simple operation
Special design ensure that figures advance one at- a--time accuretely and automatically.
Impression are perfectly aligned,evenly spaced,uniformally deep-part after part!
Wheel made from special tools
Advancing cams machined into solid wheels
Extra wide unit wheel for longer life
Open piece actuating pawl machined from solid
Direct reading character to check set up
Holding catch and spiring of unique design
Name plates for electric motors,pumps,meters and for engines,bicycle frames,keys,etc.

Ordering Codes & Specifications :

Ordering Code
Character Pitch
Impression length (with 6 wheels)
6AN062 1.6 2.5 13.5
6AN020 2.0 2.90 15.7
6AN030 3.0 4.32 23.4
6AN040 4.0 4.58 24.5


  *ALSO AVAILABLE ON SPECIAL ORDER: Special sizes of 5mm & 6mm, Concave character faces (for bicycle frames, etc.), Special calligraphy, Custom-built numerators with more than 6 wheels, Prefix/Suffix types or logo - to accompany variable data, Numerators made of special metals to withstand red-hot temperatures.

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