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 Product Name          : Stamp Marks
 Ref No.                     : Stamp Marks
 Product Description :
Mark your products with your Logo or other intricate designs using Rev Stamp Marks. Highly wear-resistant, these Stamp Marks will give a new look to your products!

  Features & Applications
Made from high quality TOOL Steel
Spark-erosion process ensures minimum material stresses
Hardened and tempered for high wear resistance and toughness
Plating process to reisit rusting (especially during storage)
Special calligraphy design reduces stress concentration and increases Stamp life
Character bevel angles, layout and character depth designed for lasting precision and clarity
Master Templates ensures highly precise data and repeatibility - even after a decade!
Red-hot markings on Railway axles, steel billets : Butt-welded Stamps
Low stress marking : Dotted Stamps
Vertical marking on round parts : Concave Stamps
Marking on Lathes & Automats : Roller Stamps
Precise graduation marking on custom-built machines : Taper Roller Stamps
Hot-foil Marking : Flat faced Stamps
Marking on flat workpieces : Convex Stamps
Stamp mark with extra features
    High precision design and engineering technique
Working from enlarged-scale calligraphy drawings ensures detail perfect result
Because of callygraphy design techniques,stress concentration is reduced and stamp mark life is increased
Character bevel angles,marking data layoutand character depth-all are design for very lasting precision and clarity
All grinding is done to precise tolerances
Production from master templates ensures the same highly precise data-repeats even for stamp mark orders repeated after decade
    Also available are
Butt-welded stamps for specially tough applications,such as red-hot markings on railway axles ,steel billets , etc
Concave stamp marks for vertical marking on round workpieces
Convex stamp marks for marking flat workpieces
Roller stamp marks for marking on lathes and automats
Taper roller stamps for precise gradution marking on custom built machines

    PLUS Critical Long-Life Technology
Made of Tool Steel
Manufactures by the spark-erosion technique
Hardened and tempered for high wear-resistance, at the same time retaining toughness
Plated to resist rusting (especially during storage)
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